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OT I know

I want to have a 'Park City' house on my Sims, because I count you lot as my friends. However I don't actually know what half of you look like, which is a problem. So if you want to be on my Sims, could you give me a quick description of what you look like and also what sort of clothes you like wearing. Thank you!
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About 5'8", blonde hair and blue eyes.
Thank you. There shall be a Liz-Sim made today!
:) I'm 5'6", long brown hair, brown eyes and tanned skin.

I think the Park City home is a cool idea. Which Sims do you have?
Sims Unleashed i.e. the most recent one.
I wear any clothes. Longish black hair, tanned skin, Asian looking in general. I have glasses, too...
Jo-Sim coming up!
Whee. Who'm I shagging?
No one yet. I haven't completed the house yet. Am waiting to se if Courtney and Itsu are interested.
Aiee! I haven't been in Park City since I joined as a mercenary back in "Park City V- We're Breeding Like Hobb- Rabbits.". Thought I'd come out of hiding.

anyway i'm 5', blue eyes, dark reddish-brown hair with naturalish highlights. Wear any kind of clothes. oh yeah and i have blue framed glasses. sort of rectangleish. think buddy holly.
forgot to mention i also have sims unleashed.
If you need a Baby-Snatching!Sim, I've got mid-length dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, toffee coloured skin (I love saying that). Clothers are comfy but flattering.

greg- off to create her own Park City Sims...