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park_city's Journal

Park City
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This is the LJ Community for the Park City RPG.

twelveeyes, aka Jo, is the maintainer of this LJ Community. Feel free to email her if you've got questions.

The Park City RPG was sprung from the Liferaft Cassie/Simon in the SCUSA forum at FictionAlley Park, and now it's one big happy family.
aragorn, bbq, caravan, cassie's car, cassie/simon, clones, crack of doom, cygnus, dark side, elves, emmy's, faramir, georgian manor, gothic mansion, harry matthew faramir, hobbits, hogwarts, inside draco's head, jelly twister, jen's villa, jessica rose eowyn, leather, legolas, life raft, light side, mai tais, modrings, mu, polyjuice, prophecies, shagging, simon jnr, simon/cygnus, spa, starbucks, taking over middle earth, tentacles, the one ring, tropical island, valor, water fights